Having a variety of different colours of Joy-Con available is one thing, but these third party Switch controllers are in a whole other league.

Officially released on 23rd March in the UK - so in just a couple of days' time - these controllers are from accessory maker PowerA, which also recently designed a Super Mario Odyssey Joy-Con grip. The controllers feature a "soft-touch" finish and come with a removable 8ft USB cable to give you a decent amount of room to play.


- Special Edition (Various Designs)
- Traditional style controller for the Nintendo Switch
- 8ft Removable USB cable
- Soft-touch finish
- Officially Licensed by Nintendo

All controllers are available to preorder exclusively from GAME in the UK for £24.99 each - a much cheaper alternative to the official Pro Controller - and are already available exclusively from Walmart in the US, currently priced at $24.88 each. Of course, with that drop in price comes a lack of HD rumble, gyro support, and amiibo functionality so you might still want to keep hold of Nintendo's own design, too.

Are you tempted by any of the designs on offer? Would you like to see official Pro Controllers take on a similar design? Let us know in the comments below.

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