Developer Naps Team has confirmed the Game Boy Advance beat-'em-up Gekido Kintaro's Revenge will be getting a brand new port on Nintendo Switch in March. The new version, which has been retooled to fit Nintendo's shiny new hardware, will feature two-player co-op and a new Relic Hunter mode where you fight through roguelike dungeons in search of (you guessed it) relics.

There's also a new Survival mode included as standard, different graphic modes to choose from and a ton of concept art and character art sketches to peruse in between chaining combos and taking down those hard-hitting bosses. See, not every port is from Neo Geo or Wii U. Some are from GBA, too!

Are you a fan of Gekido Kintaro's Revenge, or is this the first time the brawler has caught your attention? Will you be adding it to your collection in March? Share your thoughts below...