Team17 has revealed that it is bringing Makin'Games' side-scrolling fighter Raging Justice to Switch this year.

The creation of Nic Makin - a former Rare staffer - Raging Justice is a spiritual successor to the likes of Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and Final Fight

You play as either Rick Justice or Nikki Rage as you try to clean up the streets. Interestingly, you can choose to play as a "good" or "bad" cop, with your actions determining which ending you get at the conclusion of the game. For example, it's possible to arrest criminals rather than destroy them utterly.

We told you a while back that Raging Justice was Switch-bound, and it's great to see that MakinGames managed to secure a publisher of Team17's standing. We can't wait to play this one, but what about you? Share your thoughts below.