Night in the Woods

After a long vacation overseas, our weekly 'What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?' feature is back, refreshed, revitalised and ready to go it again in 2018. Talking of 2018, we're barely a month in and we've already been treated to some great new games on Nintendo Switch, with countless more gems on the horizon in the months to come.

Question is, what games are the team at Nintendo Life playing on their respective days off? Whether it's games we're playing for review, or titles we're catching up on from our respective piles of shame, our writers and editors are enjoying a veritable smorgasbord of games on Nintendo Switch, 3DS and beyond.

Here are this week's hot picks...

Ryan Craddock, news reporter

In the last of these features back in December, I specifically remember saying that I wanted to have completed Metroid: Samus Returns over the holidays. In a twist that will surprise absolutely no one, I failed to do this and have only recently got back into the game’s murky depths.

This weekend will therefore be spent purging the world of those pesky Metroids and any left-over time will likely be given to some local multiplayer ARMS. We’ve been really enjoying some late-night matches in my house recently and I just can’t say no to some (almost) healthy competition!

Mitch Vogel, US news editor

I’ve been on a JRPG kick lately, due in no small part to doing the review of Lost Sphear. I understand why it divided opinion, but I’ve got a soft spot for traditional RPGs in that style, and I’ve been having a blast with it so far. 

When I get bored of Lost Sphear, I’m going switch to something a little more modern and boundary pushing with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I’ve been rather distracted by other releases since getting it in December and I feel as though I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface, despite being about 15 hours in. 

Liam Doolan, Australia correspondent

With Rocket League still near the top of the charts on the Switch eShop, I’m guessing I’m not alone when I say I’ll be playing Psyonix’s arcade soccer/driving hybrid this weekend. Even though I own three copies, I find I’m still addicted as I was when I originally acquired the game on PC a few years ago.

In the Switch version, I’ve mostly spent my time playing the online mode. I normally tell myself I’ll just play a few quick rounds before I begin a more intense session on some other game. An hour or two later and I’m still boosting for goals.


Alex Olney, video producer

This weekend I’ve got that luxury of not having a whole lot to actually do; the flat’s been cleaned, I only need to head out at some point to get a plant, and that’s about it, so you’re absolutely right that I’m going to enjoy some lovely, delicious gaming goodness.

I recently downloaded Oxenfree for a bargain price, so that will undoubtedly be taking up some of the evenings, but for a lot of the time I can absolutely see myself delving into some over-the-top action in DOOM. I’ve actually been playing it online quite a bit and I’m really, really enjoying it. I haven’t really played many online shooters except Splatoon 2 since my Xbox Live subscription ran out about four years or so ago, so it’s a real treat to be diving right back into it with something as refined and ridiculous as DOOM on Switch.

Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

To the surprise of no one I will be spending this weekend among the Titans Of Alrest. Yes, I was done with main plot from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on New Years Eve but much like it’s predecessors a very large chunk of the experience is in actually exploring the vast world for more content and as usual this is something Monolith never fails to deliver.

But when no one is looking, I must t admit to be quite hooked on the unlikely Dustoff Heli Rescue 2. Dom’s preview piqued my interest but I was pleasantly surprise to find under the casual game guise it hides a hardcore Choplifter experience that will both test your skills and nerves as you try to perfect each of the 35 missions. And I haven't even mentioned the Stargate I found on mission 12...

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, editor

This weekend I'll be returning to Possum Falls as I take Night In The Woods on Nintendo Switch for a ride. I only played it briefly on another platform, but retooled for the handheld freedom of Switch its mysterious take of identity, death, black humour and personal awakening already has me spellbound. I'm taking care of Nintendo Life's official review, so look out for that on the site early next week.

I'll also be playing more Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (my new favourite game on 3DS), which I discovered last month while spending a Christmas GAME voucher. It's turn-based, third-person action is addictive to the point of being dangerous. I love it, so so much.

Damien McFerran, editorial director

In keeping with the fact that I'm an old relic who thinks retro games are better than modern ones, I'll be playing Advance Wars on my trusty GBA SP this weekend. Alex's excellent video listing the 26 games you simply have to play on your GBA inspired me to make this choice, but I've been meaning to drop back into Intelligent Systems' seminal tactical series for some time now. 

I've been spurred on by the excellent Tiny Metal on Switch, which is as close to a spiritual successor as you're likely to get these days. I have fond memories of playing Advance Wars back in the day but I never did complete it; sounds like a challenge I'll have to step up to now.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Dave Frear, retro reviewer

I hope to dive back in to The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It was easily my most played game last year, but due to being busy with other titles later on, I’ve not really bothered with the last DLC that came out. The plan is to get stuck into that this weekend, but it’s the kind of game where plans quickly change. 

No doubt I’ll get distracted by something off in the distance and go to investigate, perhaps stumble into a side quest I haven’t done or find a really good slope for shield surfing. I suspect there will be unplanned battles along the way, I’ll forget what it was I originally intended to do and ultimately pop by a stable and gallop off, singing the words to My Lovely Horse.

Jon Cousins, Japan correspondent

I'll be playing through Celeste again, this time on my TV, trying to pick up the B-sides, extra strawberries and just in general take a bit more time and challenge myself with its mountainous levels. Apart from that, I dip in to Super One More Jump every so often. It's great to pick up and chip away at, and it's also a great way to see how creative your swearing becomes the more you go wrong! 

Darren Calvert, operations director

This weekend I will mostly be playing the excellent Celeste on Switch. I’ve only put a few hours into it so far, but it’s totally won me over with its tight gameplay and retro charms… I can’t wait to risk life and limb in order to collect more of those fiendish floating strawberries. We’re so spoiled at the moment on the Switch eShop, there are so many amazing games coming out each week… but if you haven’t tried Celeste yet I would certainly recommend giving it a try soon.

Tony Stephenson, social media manager

As well as avoiding red shells frantically in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I'm also taking part in a Rocket League tournament, organised by Nintendo Players UK, as part of the group I also run. I am shocking at the game but it is so much fun! Also, I've seemed to have caught the ARMS bug so will be taking part in the Party Clash. I have no idea how that will go as I've only ever played as Min Min. Hey ho, let's give it a go.

Glen Fox, guides editor

I plan to dig into The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the very first time. I’m not particularly comfortable going public with that, given that Zelda is in my top five favourite franchises of all time, but I have some serious unfinished business with Wii. I blame my bee in the bonnet about the lack of HD at a time when it was all the rage. Sigh.

Dave Letcavage, contributing writer

I feel such guilt. Three Switch games remain in the packaging (Xenoblade Chronicles 2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and The End Is Nigh) and I’ve left a couple eShop games unfinished. So, this weekend, should I find the time, I’ve got to start checking marks off that list. I have no idea what I’ll decide on yet, but I do know that completing Shu is high priority. That’s if I can power up the Switch without “accidentally” booting up ARMS... That ARMS icon always calls to me from the dashboard, and I’m rarely strong enough to say no.

Which games are you playing this weekend? (589 votes)

  1. Metroid: Samus Returns2%
  2. ARMS3%
  3. Lost Sphear1%
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 210%
  5. Rocket League6%
  6. Oxenfree2%
  7. Splatoon 211%
  8. DOOM4%
  9. Night In The Woods5%
  10. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.1%
  11. Advance Wars1%
  12. Tiny Metal1%
  13. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild9%
  14. Celeste8%
  15. Super One More Jump  0%
  16. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword1%
  17. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim4%
  18. The End Is Nigh1%
  19. Dustoff Heli Rescue 2  0%
  20. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe5%
  21. Shu  0%
  22. Something else! (Tell us in the comments.)27%

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So that's our picks for the weekend, but which games are you most excited to play over the next couple of days? We'd love to hear which new (or old) games from Nintendo's many libraries will be on your to-do list. Get commenting below!