You know those times when you turn on your favourite classic NES title, casually play about with it for a while, and then accidentally set a world record in one of the most intense, concentration-centric video games of all time? Nope, neither do we. Amazingly, though, this very thing just happened to a Twitch streamer and it is rather breathtaking to behold.

Jonas Neubauer (AKA NubbinsGoody) was streaming live whilst actually attempting to break the record for clearing 100 lines in Tetris. During the attempt he casually noted how he had very quickly reached 300,000 points (another well-known Tetris world record), and continued to blast his way to the 100 lines. After messing up the attempt, he turned to the comments to find that he had actually broken the record for reaching 300,000 points in an amazing 1:57. You can watch the events unfold below.

The adrenaline rush and pure excitement that emanate from him as he realises what he has accomplished is something that many of us can kind of relate to - finally defeating a really hard boss, or clearing a particularly challenging platforming section for example - but obtaining an actual world record is something else entirely. He even went on to claim the record for clearing 100 lines shortly after.

Do you think you could give Jonas a run for his money, or - like us - are you just left feeling entirely dumbfounded? Let us know your thoughts with a comment.