Hardware revisions are a common practice in all manufacture industry, and video games are no exception; to either augment the original design with new features before a new unit replaces the existing one or to simply cut manufacturing costs by streamlining the production process. What no one might have foreseen is that one such cost saving procedure would go to become a collectors trend three decades later.

This is exactly the case with North American NES cartridge collectors. Earlier NES cartridges uses five screws to hold the plastic bits together, but later revisions employed only three, enough difference to make the five screw variants more valuable in a collectors market. The latest feature from iRetroGamer covers this subject extensively. If you're hiding a secret love of all things screw-related, the video below will make your day.

Were you aware of such a trend among NES cartridges collectors? Are you running to your NES cart collection right now to count how many screws you Donkey Kong Jr. cartridge uses? Let us know, in the usual way, below...

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