Okay, it's not hard to work out which game series serves an inspiration for the first-person puzzling of ChromaGun, but Pixel Maniacs' indie hit looks to be more than another Portal wannabe. The big central mechanic is your titular weapon, which can fire bursts of red, blue and yellow paint. It's all about using your artistic ammunition to solve environmental puzzles in a series of test lab chambers, while a disembodied voice narrates (and occasionally derides) your progress.

Okay, so it's a very familiar concept, but being able to mix those primary colours into more shades adds even more depth to conundrum solving, as does using your paint-splurging peashooter to control the WorkerDroids that populate many of the test chambers. It's a feedback loop that looks like a perfect fit for Switch, and it's hitting European and North American eShops on 22nd January.

It's certainly a tad derivative, but it's still an exciting new addition to Switch's indie library. Will you be grabbing your ChromaGun in a few weeks time? Drop us a comment or two...