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User Ratings: 3

Our Review: 8/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, Puzzle
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  • US 22nd Jan 2018, $19.99
  • EU 22nd Jan 2018, £17.99
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  • Review ChromaGun (Switch eShop)

    All the puzzles of the rainbow

    Colours should be easy, right? Take one primary colour, mix it with another and a whole new one blends into existence. Easy peasy. But take that simple notion and leave it in the company of a clever, puzzle-minded indie studio and things start to get… well, complicated. Now those colours can be pumped from a gun -...

About The Game

Welcome to ChromaTec’s test lab! You’re here to test our newest, state-of-the-art military-grade colour-technology: The ChromaGun (patent pending)! Use it to try and solve our meticulously designed test chambers.

The basic principle is as easy as applying as it is complex: Exit the chambers via the exit doors. But be weary of the WorkerDroids in charge of maintaining the chambers. They’re not exactly what you and I would call “human friendly”.

Use the ChromaGun to colourise walls and WorkerDroids to progress in the chambers. WorkerDroids are attracted to walls of the same colour. Using that mechanic, try to reach the exit door of each chamber. Some doors are more complicated to use than others: They can only be opened using door triggers and only stay open as long as the triggers are occupied.

If all of this sounds like your brain can handle it, congratulations! You’re the perfect candidate for our test chambers!

That being said, welcome and good luck!