We love Kass, the gentle bard from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In fact, his set of sub-quests and the eventual ending to his original tale is one of the most charming sequences in the game, and actually provides some important insight into the overarching story. If you haven't worked through all of Kass's shrine quests yet, you should do so.

He's very prominent in the Champions' Ballad DLC story, too, and that's the focus for the latest 'Tips from the Wild' news post on the Switch. It encourages you to listen to his ballads and also speak to him a second time in each location to ensure you don't miss anything.


Due to running out of ideas or some cruel / mischievous humour, the free gifts in this news post are 2 Roasted Bird Drumsticks and 2 Raw Bird Drumsticks. That's right, enjoy gorging on Kass's brethren as he performs for you at no charge.

Be a jerk, in other words.