We all know eternal Pokémon mascot Pikachu will forever remain a force for good - including when he hits the big screen with Ryan Reynolds' voice, no less - but that doesn't mean The Pokémon Company can't throw an adorable curve ball in the form of these new bad guy-themed plushies.

They're part of a new 'Rainbow Rocket' line designed to tie in with the post-game content of the same name that extends the life of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, one that... well, play it and find out.


And the best part? We're getting six special takes on the iconic monster in soft, cuddly form. Each one is based on a famous team leader, so if you've ever wanted an evil version of Pikachu that looked like Giovanni, then you're in serious luck. The bad news? They're only available in Japan. Boo, we want evil soft toys, too!

Are you feeling these new heel-turn takes on a Pokémon icon, or do you prefer your pocket monsters to remain true to canon? Go on, comment, you know you want to...

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