Rocket League has proven to be hugely popular on the Switch eShop, as shown by its consistent placing at the top - or near enough - of the store's regional charts. A smash hit on PC and other consoles, it's no surprise that Switch owners have been keen to join in - especially with cross-platform online play also supported.

A recent update aimed to boost performance of the Switch version, with 60fps gameplay having been the target since day one. Now our chums at Digital Foundry have done their tech analysis of the title to see whether it hits that target, and what compromises are made in order to do so.

There are still a couple of arenas that look particularly shonky on the portable, but for the most part we've merrily played a lot of games in handheld mode and on the TV. It's the old 'graphics vs performance' debate, as we can't always have both when playing on a tablet-form device.

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