Although the new Champions amiibo arrive this week, Nintendo has said little to date about the final part of the expansion pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sure, we'll get a quirky Xenoblade Chronicles 2 costume crossover this week, but for many of us the real wait is for the promised story content in the second full DLC pack.

Just recently a video featuring Eiji Aonuma gave a strong indication that we were looking beyond November for this DLC, as he stated that it'd be available "by the end of this year". Now a Twitter user called Lord of Gamez has spotted a small detail on the European eShop page for the DLC pack; it states that it "is planned for release in December 2017". 

Some theories doing the rounds suggest Nintendo won't want the release to clash directly with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on 1st December, and some reasonable bets are being placed on the DLC getting a high profile trailer during The Game Awards, which take place on 7th December. Perhaps a mid-December release would be a good fit, or Nintendo could make it a festive arrival a week or so later.

It's still a rough window, but at the very least confirms what was already strongly suspected - November is out. Good things come to those who wait, in any case.

Thanks to all that sent this in.