It's a fantastic time of the year for those that love big-time game releases, but one download-only addition we're rather excited about is the Champions' Ballad DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With new amiibo for those Champions due in just a couple of weeks some have been wondering if the DLC would come at the same time. It seems that won't be the case, but the wait shouldn't be too long.

Nintendo Australia / New Zealand has published a video in which Eiji Aonuma gives a special message to the fans. He says some pleasant things and reminds us about the amiibo, before shifting to the DLC and stating that the team is "currently working on it with great effort" and "it'll be available by the end of this year".

It seems like a pretty definitive indication that it won't arrive alongside the amiibo (though perhaps that was the plan originally). That said, as the most notable and story-driven expansion to the game it's understandable that Nintendo wants to get it right.

We're eager to see what it'll have to offer, in any case - it's possible some further update on the release will be given when Nintendo reports its financial results on Monday 30th October.

Are you excited about the Champions' Ballad story DLC for Breath of the Wild?

With thanks to Zac for the heads up.