Columbus Circle strikes back with the announcement of yet another old Super Famicom re-release, this time planned for early 2018.

The unlikely candidate is the 1995 Winds-developed, Virgin Interactive-published Gurume Sentai Barayarō, a zany side scrolling beat 'em up oddity which focuses on cooking. Think Cooking Mama but with an extensive dose of fighting in-between the food preparation, and you're close.

There is of course an actual plot that justifies all this cooking. In the fallout of World War III, the citizens of Zeus Heaven Magic City find themselves living in a place of high technology but scarce food. As such, ingestion of proteins is a must for everyone, namely the three playable characters who would not look out of place in a Cho Aniki video game. 

After every boss fight, you get to cook recipes with the ingredient you "liberated" from your foe. This is the only way to recover energy and when you're down to zero, it's game over.

This is yet another obscure Japan exclusive Super Famicom oddity that will be given another chance at the spotlight. Besides, how many other scrolling beat 'em ups can you name that have a single button dedicated to strike Super Sentai style poses that serve no purpose at all except looking good for the camera? 

Gourmet indeed.