Image: US Gamer

Shin Megami Tensei is a big deal in Japan, and over the years has added more and more demon types to its ranks that you could call it a satanic version of Pokémon.

There are so many demons in the series now - 345, to be exact - that Atlus decided to hold a vote to see which ones fans liked the most. Now the results are in, we suspect that Atlus may be having second thoughts about holding the vote at all.

The top ten includes some solid choices, including Loki, Beelzebub and even Jack Frost, Atlus' mascot. However, in first place we have Mara, and there's simply no getting away from it - Mara is a demonic penis monster which rides a spike-covered chariot.

10th place: Loki 
9th place: Moh Shuvuu 
8th place: Beelzebub 
7th place: Decarabia 
6th place: Mothman 
5th place: The mascot of Atlus, Jack Frost 
4th place: Mastema 
3rd place: Cu Chulainn 
2nd place: Alice 
1st place: Mara

Maybe Atlus knew this would happen all along, the cheeky scamps.

[source gonintendo.com]