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With all of the buzz and excitement around the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey, a question doing the rounds is whether it's the 'best' Mario game. If you happen to be sharing a beverage with a group of gamers anytime soon drop that question and let the cards fall where they may.

We have some thoughts on where Odyssey stands in the great list of Mario games, but we're curious about your thoughts on the matter. We've asked the community this question before, the last time out on the mascot's 30th Anniversary in 2015. The big question is whether Odyssey has changed some minds.

To keep things interesting we're going to have three votes below - best 2D Super Mario game, best 3D Super Mario game, and then a straight-out Best Mario Game. We're talking about 'main' core Mario platformers here, based upon Nintendo's own lists in the past - that means no spin-offs like Yoshi's Island or Wario Land, and we're also skipping re-releases and remasters. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is in there, though, as is Super Mario Maker.

We're making it deliberately tough - you can only vote for one game in each poll. Have at it!

Which is the best 2D Super Mario game?
Which is the best 3D Super Mario game?
Which is the best Super Mario game so far?