Not so long ago we reported on the news that the eShop version of WWE 2K18 - which still doesn't have a solid release date, amazingly - would require 32GB of storage space, making a MicroSD card a necessity.

Those of you expecting the physical version to be a different story are going to be disappointed, as it has been revealed that a 24GB download is needed in order to play.

This would suggest that 2K Games has used an 8GB game card - the cheapest possible option - for the Switch version. As we discussed a while back, the cost of high capacity game cards means that many other companies are taking this route and expecting the consumer to download additional data after purchase. While this means we avoid paying higher prices for our games, it's still something of an annoyance.

Now you know the download amounts involved for both digital and physical, which version will you opt for?

Thanks to Danny Rankin for the tip!