The community of Super Nintendo enthusiasts has been truly pushing the envelope above and beyond this year. There has never been such a great number of MSU1 audio enhancement patches released in such a short amount of time ever since byuu developed the chip back in 2012. Let us take a listen to three of the latest releases.

We all know the Super Nintendo conversion of Capcom's genre defining Final Fight is not up to scratch with the original. There is a whole level gone missing, the streets can only be cleaned up one player at a time and Guy is a no-show because he got a bad case of food poisoning from eating floor chicken (delicious, delicious floor chicken, yum!). Now thanks to the efforts of PepilloPEV you are able to help the world's greatest hands-on mayor clean the streets to the music of the superior Final Fight CD soundtrack. Arcade purists are also able to secure a second sound pack featuring the original CPS1 arcade soundtrack, if they so fancy.

We really don't need any excuse to go back and have a slice of some Contra III The Alien Wars. Decades pass, technology advances yet the game remains one of the finest, timeless examples of the genre ever made. Big part of Konami's games in the 16-bit age were their amazing soundtracks, with Contra III being a prime example. PepilloPEV strikes back with a MSU1 patch and sound pack that replaces the iconic SPC soundtrack with Vomitron's excellent rock cover of the original Contra soundtrack (slightly NSFW album art!). The end result is quite something indeed.

If you had a Commodore Amiga, it was impossible not to amazed with Gremlin's Lotus Esprit series, a trilogy of arcade sprite scaling racers that rivalled the best Arcade games had to offer. Super Nintendo owners were not left out of the sprite scaling craze thanks to the Top Gear trilogy developed by the same people responsible for the Amiga games. Top Gear 3000 was the last and most ambitious entry in the series, powered by a custom DSP-4 chip that aided the game draw it's branched paths and 4 player split-screen mode.You can now race along to your soundtrack of choice thanks to the patch released by Conn and Kurrono. Since both the original Top Gear and it's stellar sequel had already been given a MSU1 audio treatment in previous years, you can now play the whole trilogy to your own custom soundtracks.

The Super Nintendo: a gift that keeps on giving! What other of your favourite games in the system would you like to play along to a digital audio soundtrack?