The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has all sorts of quirky and fun things to do, with obvious examples like shield surfing, propelling mine carts with bombs and more. One of the quirkier little tricks is easily forgotten, though, and the latest 'Tips from the Wild' news post on Switch provides a handy pointer and gift.

Tips from the Wild.jpg

It focuses on the fact that having a Rock Octorok (found in the Death Mountain region) suck up a rusty weapon will turn it into a shiny new bit of kit. Launching the game from the news post grants you a Rusty Broadsword with 6 power with which to try it out, and you can redeem the gift as often as you like.

This writer had actually forgotten this feature of the game, so we'll file this as one of the 'better' Tips from the Wild posts. What other little tips would make for a good free gift in the game?