If you cast your mind back a short while you'll remember we reported on a story relating to the SNES run-and-gun classic Super Turrican, originally released in 1993.

While the game was critically acclaimed at the time, it wasn't the version that developer Factor 5 wanted to release. Originally intended to be a 6Mbit game, the publisher made the developer cut it down to 4Mbits so it could fit on a smaller, cheaper cartridge.

Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht has always maintained that the full version exists and it would have been released on the Wii Virtual Console back in 2008 were it not for Nintendo's draconian policy that all VC games had to have had a full commercial release previously. 

Thankfully, after 24 years of waiting, the full version of Super Turrican is about to be released. 

Today, Analogue has revealed that each and every Super Nt console sold will come with a pre-installed digital copy of Super Turrican: The Director's Cut. It features an entirely new level with fresh music, additional enemies, improved sound effects and enhanced graphics - it even offers a new way to use the game's famous beam weapon. The game comes with an authentic box to boot.

2-Super Turrican DC.jpg

And that's not all - Super Turrican 2 is also included, so you can play through both epic games, one after the other.

Pre-orders for the Super Nt opened last week. Have you ordered one?