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Retro hardware specialist Analogue has lifted the lid on its next major project, the Analogue Super Nt.

Like the Analogue Nt and Analogue Nt Mini before it, the Super Nt uses Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology to replicate the performance of vintage hardware (in this case, the SNES) on a hardware rather than a software level. That means zero lag, total accuracy and superb compatibility - the team has apparently tested over two thousand SNES and Super Famicom games to make sure they work.

The system accepts original cartridges and comes with two controller ports so you can use your original pads. It's compatible with 8Bitdo's new SNES-style wireless controllers, as well.

Output is 1080p via HDMI (720 and 480p modes are also available), and the system comes packed with unique features such as scanlines, scaling and 48KHz, 16-bit digital stereo sound. There's an SD card slot to update the firmware, which suggests that (like the Analogue Nt), you'll be able to install custom firmware and replicate other systems as well.

Here's the machine in action:

The real surprise here is the price; Analogue products usually carry high price tags, and with good reason - they're produced to the highest possible standards. We're sure the Super Nt will be no exception, but the difference is it won't break the bank - the unit costs a very reasonable $189.99. 

The Super Nt comes in four different designs: Black, Classic (North American SNES), SF (Super Famicom / Euro SNES) and Transparent. The 8Bitdo pads are available at a discounted price of $39.99 (you don't get one in the box), complete with the all-important Retro Receiver which allows them to connect to the console wirelessly. If you have existing 8Bitdo pads then they will work as well.

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Pre-orders are open right now, and the console is expected to ship in February 2018. Let us know if you'll be placing an order by posting a comment below.