Super Mario Odyssey received universal acclaim when the review embargo dropped yesterday, with many outlets across the world giving it top marks, along with our own 10/10, of course.

That's all added up to a mighty overall score of 98.92% (at the time of writing) on the longstanding game review score aggregator GameRankings, putting it in first place ahead of Super Mario GalaxyThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Of course, Metacritic does have a slightly different formula for calculating their Metascores, along with different outlets which are tracked. So the picture is a little bit different there, with Super Mario Odyssey in 7th place. Its Metascore of 97 actually ties it with Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.

Do you think the critical acclaim which Super Mario Odyssey has received so far is deserved? Let us know your thoughts with a comment below.