Retro-Bit is releasing a series of multi-carts for the NES and SNES which come packed with classic Data East and Jaleco games.

Launching this December, each cartridge is compatible with the original SNES and NES hardware. They ship with an exclusive button and sticker set along with a collectible retail box, full colour instruction manual and protective hard dust cover. The NES cart costs $29.99 while the SNES ones cost $34.99 each.

Here are the four carts available:

Data East All-Star Collection (NES)


• Ring King
• Bad Dudes
• Side Pocket
• BurgerTime
• Buggy Popper

Data East Classic Collection (SNES)


• Fighter’s History
• Fighter’s History Mizoguchi
• Magical Drop
• Magical Drop 2
• Super Side Pocket

Data East Joe & Mac: Ultimate Caveman Collection (SNES)


• Joe and Mac
• Congo’s Caper
• Joe and Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics

Jaleco Brawler’s Pack (SNES)


Rival Turf
Brawl Brothers
• The Peace Keepers
• Tuff E Nuff

Here's what Ron Pang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Innex Inc., exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit, had to say:

What’s amazing about these Retro-Bit multi-cartridge collector’s series is the tremendous value they offer. At an affordable price, fans are not only treated to an amazing anthology of classic games, but receive exclusive collectibles any retro gaming fan can appreciate. We are excited about this amazing collaboration (with Data East and Jaleco) to help grow and be a part of their library of classic cartridges.

Do any of these take your fancy? Would you like to see more multi-carts in the future? Let us know with a comment.