Confirmation that DOOM is coming to the Switch this year was one of the bigger announcements to come out of this week's Nintendo Direct. The fact that a critical and commercial 'current-gen' hit from 2016 will be playable on the go - and docked, of course - is a welcome piece of news.

Unsurprisingly - to those that have the game on a platform like PC, Xbox One or PS4 - it seems to be another title that will nevertheless fall victim to the limits of Switch game card sizes. Bethesda informed Engadget that the physical retail version of the game will only have the solo campaign on the cartridge, with an update to access online multiplayer being available to download (free with the retail purchase, of course). As a result it'll be one of those retail boxes informing customers that they'll need an online connection and MicroSD card to access the full game. If you buy it on the eShop, of course, one meaty download will do the job.

Considering all we've learnt about space limitations on Switch game cards this will likely become more common in months and years to come, especially with sizeable multi-platform games.

In good news, DOOM on Switch will include all of the DLC of the existing game as standard, but unfortunately it won't have the SnapMap level editor feature.

Let us know what you think of all this in the comments, and whether you're planning to pick up DOOM later this year.