For quite a few weeks Nintendo has been sharing free gifts for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch through 'Tips for the Wild' news posts. They give advice for newer players, in particular, and if you launch the game from the post you get items; to date they've consisted of various foods and a boomerang.

The latest post teaches a helpful lesson that some gamers - well, those not looking for answers online - may have missed: how to snowboard on a shield. In fact it's not just for snowboarding, but for getting down slopes in general; the news post states how you start this by holding ZL, jumping with X and then hitting A before you land; hitting Y on the move does a spin that can hurt enemies, too.

Zelda gift shield.jpg

The actual gift is a standard (and therefore rather weak) Emblazoned Shield; most reading this page will already have their shield inventory slots filled with far better options, we suspect.

Still, it reminded us that hitting the slopes is a fun part of the game, so that's nice.