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The year is 2017 and Nintendo Switch owners are paying more for their games than people are on rival platforms. The unfortunate term “Switch Tax” has been coined to explain why certain developers and publishers are upping their prices for games released on Nintendo’s latest system.

The whole issue as we’ve previously discussed has opened a can of worms, with developers lowering digital download prices of their Switch game releases and adding extra incentives to the retail counterpart. Game card sizes have been identified as a primary reason behind the now infamous tax.

With all of this in consideration, has reported Australians will be paying AU$10.00 less for EA’s annual football release compared to those who buy the title on rival platforms.

Local video game supplier EB Games will be selling the Nintendo Switch retail version of FIFA 18 for AU$89.95. Copies of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are priced at AU$99.95.

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Other local stores such as Target Australia will have the retail version of FIFA 18 on the Switch for AU$69.00 while the other versions of the game will be sold at AU$79.00.

FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch is running on a custom game engine. Unlike other platforms it does not use the Frostbite engine. The Nintendo version of the game will also not include the Alex Hunter story mode. What it will feature is the insanely popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode. The absence of certain features in the Switch version of the game could perhaps be the reason behind the cheaper price. 

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