If you watched the CIRCLE Entertainment / Flyhigh Works video showcase recently, one game that may have caught your attention was Deemo. Published by Flyhigh Works, it's developed by Rayark - that's the same company that brought us the rather good VOEZ in the early days of the eShop.

Deemo has made a strong reputation on mobile, with the publisher claiming in excess of 10 million downloads. As with VOEZ, however, the Switch release will ditch the free-to-start model and include a lot of content for one cost - it'll be $29.99 in the US, for example. The good news is that it's right around the corner; it'll arrive in North America and Europe on 28th September.


It offers a charming aesthetic and promises over 200 songs, with more to come in a future free update. It seems it'll be a touchscreen game rather like VOEZ, but controller support is planned for the big update due in late 2017.

We were impressed with VOEZ when it arrived alongside the Switch, so are certainly optimistic that Deemo will be another quality rhythm game for the system.

Are you tempted?