The names CIRCLE Entertainment and Flyhigh Works are likely familiar with eager eShop gamers. The former has been prolific on the 3DS and, between them, the two companies have brought titles like VOEZ and Kamiko to the Switch eShop.

The publishers / developers do a lot of work on the Japanese eShop, including taking Western titles over to that market. Ahead of the Tokyo Game Show - 21st to 24th September - Flyhigh Works has published a video to showcase some of the games it'll show there. Overall it'll have over 30 Switch titles on show, according to CIRCLE Entertainment - the companies will be sharing a booth.

The video is an interesting watch, though, because it has a handful of games that are newly confirmed for Switch or haven't been mentioned a lot recently; some have different publishers in North America / PAL territories. It's worth noting that these are all confirmed for the Japanese market, but they'll be good bets for the West too. There are also a few 3DS titles that we already know all about in the video.

Take a look at the video and list of prominent games below.

Did anything in the video catch your eye?