New NES releases in 2017 are always welcomed, but there is more than meets the eye to Amazon's Running Diet, because it is in fact a release by the folks at Ancient to celebrate an anniversary for 3DS title Gotta Protectors.

In this endless runner you take control of the titular Amazon, one of the playable classes in Gotta Protectors. It seems the young lady has become slightly larger than we remember her back in 2016, so it is time for some hard exercise.

The game auto scrolls to the right and you have to use your character's abilities (slide, jump, backflip, double kick) to pick up water while avoiding cake icons. When the hydration gauge at the bottom of the screen runs out it is time for a hilarious game over. In the end, depending on how many cake icons you accidentally picked up, you will either lose or gain weight. A simple yet addictive concept, it's a game that always makes you want to try another run to improve on your last result. Catch us playing it in the clip below.

As you might have noticed, the soundtrack is by none other than Ancient co-founder and legendary video game composer Yuzo Koshiro. If you want to give the game a try, just head over to this page, scroll to the bottom and download either the Japanese or English version. You can then throw the file at your favourite NES emulator or use a flash card to play it on your NES or clone hardware of choice.

Just imagine if Ancient releases some sort of sequel featuring the rather "unique" ninja character from the 3DS original...