80's Overdrive was a title that certainly caught the eye in 2016, a 3DS eShop title with stylistic similarities to the likes of Rad Racer and Out Run. Developer Insane Code had Vectorwolf on board for the soundtrack and said a release was likely in Q1/Q2, building the buzz with a stylised trailer.

That time passed and the studio was largely quiet, but has now shared a status update to apologise for the silence but re-confirm that progress is being made; an excerpt is below.

Actually, being offline and away from all the buzz is very good for doing work. We just wanted to focus on what there is to be done. Please remember, we are a small, indie team. We must balance our "normal" lives, day jobs, etc. with the development of this game. We don’t want to publish a complete crap also. It wouldn’t be fair.

Due to many reasons, we are unable to give you exact release date. However, please take a look at the numbers below. We are close to the end with the development. Let us inform you about the game status.

This is how the things are:

  • Car art/animation - 100% done
  • Races environment art - 100% done
  • Menu art/design - 100% done
  • Career Mode code - 100% done
  • Time Attack code - 100% done
  • Level Editor code - 99% done
  • Music and sound fx - 99% done
  • Gameplay balance - 70% done
  • Marketing assets (necessary for release) - 50% done
  • 3DS E-manual - 50% done
  • Required game ratings - 0% done

What is more:

  • Most of the gameplay time we have 60 fps even on old 3ds.
  • All of the crashes and most of bugs were fixed, we don’t run out of memory.
  • Game is tested all the time to be stable and fast most of the time.

Some new screens also show how the game is looking, with one of these below.

80s overdriveedit.jpg

It certainly has the potential to be an entertaining title on the 3DS and evidently development has come far in 2017. Let's hope it hits top gear.

[source 80soverdrive.com]