Sonic Mania screen.jpg

Sonic Mania is causing, well, mania, and we'll be typing out our final review today (following some more personal thoughts earlier in the week). The good news is that it runs beautifully on all platforms, with just one odd example on Switch (the first 3D 'chase the UFO' Special Stage) of frame drops; asides from that it's pretty much buttery smooth. There's also a minor issues (occasionally) with the HOME and capture button on Switch, but it doesn't affect everyone and isn't worthy of spitting the dummy out.

But hey, you don't need to take our word for it, the nice folk at Digital Foundry have done their thing with a full technical breakdown of the game, and pleasingly also show how the visuals and techniques have advanced in Mania over its 16-bit predecessors. Any of you with retro goggles claiming the Mega Drive originals looked the same should certainly take a look; that's not to say the Mega Drive games weren't amazing for the time, but it's interesting to see what the developers have done for the latest release.

It has all the info and framerate graphs you need, with the broader summary being that, whatever your platform, it works a charm.

Are you part of the Sonic Mania right now, or is it on your wishlist?