Here's a spoiler ahead of our Sonic Mania review - it's a huge amount of fun. Prior to release this scribe published some personal thoughts based on the PS4 version to summarise why it's the Sonic game many have been waiting for.

We are now dashing through on Switch, and our review will be with you in the next 24 hours. Our non Digital Foundry-style summary is that, fundamentally, it runs like an absolute charm on the system, both docked and portable. We played a large part of the campaign in handheld mode and it felt at home there, and likewise it does nicely on the TV. Visually any differences - only subtle variations in colour, we think - between the various console iterations are minimal.

While the game runs at a lovely 60fps most of the time - only the first SEGA CD-style special stage, oddly, shows any real dips in performance - there is one odd little flaw on Switch. It's pretty minor, but as some have decided to make a mountain out of a molehill we thought we'd share our perspective.

When the game is running there can be a delay when you press the capture or HOME button, especially in portable mode; it seems to vary per user. In our case we've noticed it with the HOME button; in one case the game simply didn't respond, we waited a few seconds and tried again with success. Another time we pressed it and there was a notable pause, before the HOME menu then kicked in. On both occasions the functionality was eventually fine, as we closed and in one case simply paused the game with the system going into sleep.

Some have said that in their case the HOME / capture buttons fail to respond at all when playing in portable mode, so the impact varies. In either case it's hopefully something that will be fixed - only HOME and capture seem to be affected at some points, and the issue is less pronounced and sometimes absent entirely when docked. At no point are normal gameplay controls affected, and in fact this scribe enjoys the latency-free controls in handheld mode.

In fairness, the devs behind the game are aware that, generally, the game has a few little bugs to be fixed.

They don't detract from what is, however, an excellent game.