Stardew Valley.jpg

Stardew Valley has proven to be a big hit on PC and consoles, but plenty of Nintendo gamers are keen to play the charming farm-sim RPG on the Switch. Recently the team producing the port - Chucklefish Games - advised that it was being cautious not to give a release date until it was fully confident the game was done, sharing a rather cautionary tone.

The latest update suggests that the past couple of weeks have gone well in polishing the game, with the team having cleared "the last known bugs" and submission now set to get underway.

It'll be interesting to see if this one features in this week's Nindies Showcase presentation, though based on this update a full release date seems like a very long shot. Nevertheless this is sure to be a high profile arrival on the Switch eShop in the coming weeks (or months if testing brings up issues).

Are you planning to pick this up for Nintendo Switch?