Sometimes business realities don't bring us all of the games we want, or publishers have their own ideas on how to best utilise an IP. This certainly applies to retro gaming and 'missed opportunities' in the past, which explains the rich scene in mods and fan created games that deliver sequels and remasters that enthusiasts want to see.

So we have Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2, a new Master System game and a sequel that never came in reality. For SEGA fans of a certain age it's an enticing idea, as not all appreciated the official sequels that arrived in the 8- and 16-bit era; Alex Kidd was a huge SEGA character at one point, but fell from prominence as a certain Blue Blur emerged. 

Ian Wall (@ian8bit) teamed up with other fans of the IP to make this sequel, which is free to download at the Sega8bit website. Intriguingly he also made a small number of physical copies for the Master System, going to impressive lengths with packaging; you can see this and the game itself in a video by iretrogamer, below. Ian is also eager to know if there's interest in him producing more boxed copies.

It's an impressive piece of work, and could be worth checking out for Alex Kidd fans. 

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