Earlier today Nintendo of Europe published a rather tasty Nintendo x Indies sizzle reel, in slightly odd timing considering that tomorrow Nintendo of America is broadcasting a Nindies Showcase Presentation. Inter-subsidiary one-upmanship aside, the European video is a nice reminder of some of the quality games due on the Switch eShop the rest of this year and early in 2018.

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below.

A lot of these games will look familiar, but if you're curious about our previous coverage on any of them you can check out the game pages below.

Nevertheless some are relatively fresh (or we missed them before), so below are trailers and descriptions to give you an idea of what they're all about.

Uurnog Uurnlimited (Raw Fury)

This one is very fresh, with Raw Fury only posting the reveal trailer (above) for this on Switch and Steam after Nintendo's sizzle reel today. It has a quirky description - "Enter the wacky & whimsical world of Uurnog Uurnlimited! Explore a silly, puzzle-filled land full of cubes, bombs, weird people & adorable animals — then steal them all!". It'll feature both single player and co-op, and in an interesting touch stages created in a level editor in the Steam version will be available to play on the Switch. It's due out this Fall / Autumn.

HUNTDOWN (Coffee Stain Studios)

This is one we missed previously, with Switch confirmed as a platform much earlier this year. In any case it looks enticing, with old-school visuals and arcade-style run and gun action; the narrative is that you're hunting bounties in each stage. Throw in support for local co-op, and you have one for the wishlist.

Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition (Crunching Koalas)

A title that's had standard and 'Uber' editions on Steam, this is likely to bring together a lot of the content released so far. It's described as "an unforgiving fast-paced lightspear-throwing simulator set in an ancient germanic future", evoking '80s arcade-style gameplay. [Update: this is confirmed for a 7th September release and will have a co-op mode exclusive to the Switch]

8-Bit Armies (Petroglyph)

A 2016 arrival on Steam and recently released on PS4, this is a real-time strategy game that looks suitably chaotic. The PC version promises 25 single-player missions, 12 co-op missions, multiplayer and skirmish modes, while there's also been a bit of DLC too.

Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron (HandyGames)

Another one we missed previously, with the July video above featuring the developers playing an early build on Switch (albeit in a bafflingly low resolution). Weirdly the version of this on Steam is a horizontal scrolling game, while it was vertical on iOS way back in 2013. The Switch version seems like something in-between / different (it's the only version with 'Squadron' in the name, and evidently has a multiplayer focus); we like shmups so are keen to give this a try.

Semblance (Nyamakop)

This one is new, having previously been teased by the South African / Kenyan development team in the video above without confirmation of platforms. The developer describes it as "a puzzle platformer where your character and the world it inhabits is made of playdough. Squish, squash and deform your character and the world to solve puzzles in this soft, bouncy world."

So there you have it, some interesting newcomers alongside a lot of familiar names. Which games are you most excited about?