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We've been following the evolution of the superb Switch Player magazine for some time now, and it never ceases to amaze us how good the cover artwork for this publication is. Each month, a different artist is commissioned to illustrate the cover, and for issue 6, Switch Player has secured a genuine video game legend.

Wil Overton's doodles will be familiar to those of you in the UK who grew up with the amazing Super Play magazine during the early '90s; his anime-style artwork graced every cover of that legendary publication, and Overton's talents would later secure him positions within the industry at Rare, Blitz and Full Fat. He's now freelance, and as you can see from the cover image below, he's still pumping out amazing art.

Cover 6.png

Overton also created the amazing cover image for HyperPlay, and has stated in the past that he's a big supporter of fanzine projects like these - he's even done his own.

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