Adafruit Industries are a technology company based in New York known for designing and manufacturing electronic goods. Recently they uploaded a video to their YouTube showcasing a project that look's like it's been pulled straight out of Hyrule. Taking inspiration directly from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and using "simple animatronics", the company has built a fully-functioning Guardian that blinks, lights up and searches for enemies. 

This is not the first project that the company has undertaken with the Guardians. Previously they showed construction of the model with their latest video showing all the nifty animatronics you can add to the piece. Mounted to the eye is a 10mm blue LED so the Guardian can search for foes, whilst the head can freely rotate with the eye blinking randomly. The head itself is attached mounted to a micro servo. Along with this, the surrounding body has 5mm blue LEDs that illuminate the various surface details. 

You can read the full documentation of the project here.  

What do you think to the project? Will you be tempted to create your own Guardian?