We love a bit of cosplay here at Nintendo Life, but we must admit to getting a little jaded about everyone dressing up like Link and Samus all the time. 

Enter Reddit user spiggledog who has perfected three ARMS themed cosplay outfits along with his buddies. It's great to see some colourful cosplay on display at what appears to be a photo taken during Anime Expo in LA.

These Min Min, Ribbon Girl and Spring Man costumes took a week of hard toil to put together and we'd say that the effort was all worth it. Pretty impressive work considering that ARMS only came out a few weeks ago.

In other ARMS cosplay news, Twitter user @dragonjilly has been busy too, transforming herself into a hair-raising rendition of fan favourite Twintelle.

We're curious to see how a Helix cosplay might turn out. Or maybe not.

Let us know what you think about these colourful creations with a comment below.