While we wait (im)patiently for the localisation of Dragon Quest XI, we can nevertheless take in the hype for its release in Japan. While the Switch version is still oddly missing, the Japanese market is currently gearing up for the dual release across PS4 and 3DS.

Square Enix has now published a series of TV commercials for the game, and they're rather entertaining. They actually remind us a little of the Rik Mayall Nintendo ads of the '90s, in the way they take a broad range of scenarios and link them to excitement around the game. Some of them are pretty darn quirky, too.


Meanwhile, below is an extended story cutscene from the official Square Enix channel.

It's a title sure to sell like hotcakes in Japan, and with 3DS and PS4 being consistent sales successes in the country it makes sense as a dual release; it'll be interesting to see which version edges the sales battle. Of course, all of these PS4 / 3DS ads remind us of the missed opportunity in that this isn't also coming out on Switch at the same time.

Is this game on your wishlist for localisation?