Ubisoft's decision to enter the toys-to-life genre just as the smart money is moving out might seem odd, but Starlink: Battle For Atlas is shaping up to be quite a unique entry in this sector.

The title uses customisable space ships which are tethered to your controller and can be altered on-the-fly, with weapons vanishing and appearing in-game as you swap out parts. This approach means you can change your strategy as you play; for example, should you meet an enemy which is able to repel your ice attacks, you can quickly change that weapon for a fire-based equivalent. 

Speaking to MobileSyrup, Ubisoft Toronto's Laurent Malville - creative director of the game - revealed that like so many other toys-to-life ventures, Starlink began life with younger players in mind, but it has since evolved into something bigger - in terms of both target audience and overall scope:

We started developing the game with the idea that it would be for players eight to 11 years old. But something funny happened during development. We had lots of instances where players’ parents or siblings saw it and said, ‘I actually want to play that.'

All spaceships have the ability to fly in space, of course, but also in low altitude on the surface of the planet, and we allow you to explore those worlds at your own pace.

Starlink isn't due for release until Fall 2018, so there's quite a wait ahead. However, by then the gaming public's appetite for toys-to-life may have returned after the high-profile failures of Disney Infinity and Skylanders. Perhaps Ubisoft's isn't so foolish to enter this arena after all.

[source mobilesyrup.com]