The internet is still in shock somewhat from Nintendo's decision to include the previously unreleased Star Fox 2 on the Super NES Classic Edition. While questions remain about exactly which version of this unreleased game will be on the hardware, we do know Nintendo has commissioned new artwork and a revised logo for the game.

Keen to learn more, reached out to Dylan Cuthbert, who was originally involved with developing Star Fox 2. It seems the decision by Nintendo to include the game on the SNES Mini was a complete surprise to him (albeit a pleasant one):

I didn't know about it at all. We don't have any work happening with Nintendo right now so there wouldn't have been an NDA-safe way of letting me know anyway. On the other hand, I got to have a big awesome surprise like everyone else so I'm quite happy about that. 

It's an absolutely awesome feeling. Incredible really. Perhaps a first in the games industry even. I hope so. The English version of X for Gameboy next please.

Speaking to IGN Japan, Cuthbert speculated on which version of the game might be included:

I presume it will be that mastered version? It is one of those games that got fully completed but then due to market changes was shelved.

So, seeing as there was a mastered version which was fully completed, this would probably make Nintendo's decision really easy. Cuthbert then went on to explain that the ROMs out there at the moment are all incomplete:

All those ROMs lacked the final magic - i.e. the Mario Club QA and tuning process that makes Nintendo games so good. The final few months of iteration are so important for a game. Also they were set up in debug modes, so the encounter systems didn't seem to work very well.

Back with to, Cuthbert describes what makes the mastered version so special:

Nintendo provided us with the mastered ROM for research and it was very helpful. I think the biggest new feature is the randomized replay system of the game. Every time you play you get a new adventure and sequence of encounters, a little like a rogue-like, which we see a lot more of in this day and age but back then it was pretty rare.

If you have played a ROM then it seems you will not have had the full Star Fox 2 experience. Let us know what you think about these comments from Dylan Cuthbert with a comment below.

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