If it's not enough that those cute little Nintendo Switch cards have to endure frequent licking to see if they really do taste as bad as everyone says, to add insult to injury now one of these beloved game cards has been put through a washing machine cycle and come out of the other end almost intact.

Reddit user ghostMiles reports:

We had lots of kids visit over the weekend. Somehow the Mario Kart Deluxe cartridge ended up in our laundry hamper. We didn't notice it until after its already been through a wash in the machine. After leaving it to dry the only noticeable damage was the peeled label.

Once he was sure it was completely dry, he tested out his treasured copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Amazingly it booted up without issue.

However there was still a shadow of doubt in ghostMiles mind, so he took things a step further before declaring that this game card had indeed survived the washing machine test:

Just to be sure, I put it through Grand Prix.

While this experiment is not one which we'd recommend that you try at home, it does demonstrate just how resilient these tiny game cards are. 

Wonder if it tastes any better now?