Minecraft is getting a big update this year thanks to the "Better Together" initiative which looks to unify all players across as many systems as possible - and that includes Switch.

However, this news was just one part of Microsoft's E3 presentation - it also spent a lot of time talking about the Super Duper Graphics Pack, which drastically overhauls the way the game looks, adding in new visual effects to make the experience even more appealing.

Given that Microsoft tied this particular announcement to the confirmation of its Xbox One X console - which arrives later this year - many assumed the pack would be exclusive to that machine. However, speaking to Kotaku, rendering lead Cameron Egbert explained that it's actually going to hit all systems which are part of the "Better Together" update:

It will be anywhere that you can play Minecraft in the new version. It will improve any screen on which you play, but the best experience will be on Xbox One X.

That's great news for Switch owners, and means that the Nintendo version will be getting a handsome visual update this year.

[source kotaku.com]