Accessory maker 8Bitdo has unveiled three new products at E3 this year, primarily aimed at Switch gamers.

First up is the SNES30 Pro, which is billed as "the ultimate retro gaming controller." It showcases bluetooth, USB-C, rumble vibration, motion controls and player indicator LED’s, and is expected later this year. In short, it's the ideal retro-themed replacement for your Pro Controller.


The company also has the NES30 Arcade Stick on the way. This wireless controller will be perfect for Ultra Street Fighter II, and boasts turbo functionality and joystick / D-Pad modes. You can expect to see this in Q3 this year.


Finally, we have the TwinCube Stereo Speakers, which come with wireless bluetooth, stereo speakers and AUX input - the final point being key as the Switch doesn't support Bluetooth audio. These are also coming in Q3 this year.


We've big fans of 8Bitdo's controllers here at Nintendo Life - many of which were recently updated to work with Switch - and we'll be reviewing these products as soon as we can get our hands on them. Will you be investing when they launch?