Sonic Mania is pretty high on a number of wishlists - published by SEGA in collaboration with some talented Indies and Sonic superfans, it promises a blend of retro action with new content and twists on familiar stages. It sticks to classic playable characters from the 16-bit era, too, with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

Originally planned for Spring it was unfortunately pushed back to Summer, but it seems like a final date is in the bag. An updated trailer for the PC version on Steam closes with a release date of 15th August, even though the product page still simply says 'Summer'.

Sonic Mania date.JPG

Of course, the PC release date may not be the same as on consoles, but it is at least a firm date to consider. Hopefully that date holds up and console versions, like that on Nintendo Switch, will either match it or not be far behind.