During the SXSW Sonic panel held by Aaron Webber, a myriad of Sonic Mania details has been revealed. The game, which was originally slated to be a title which would come out in spring of 2017, has unfortunately been delayed until the following summer of 2017.

The development team stressed that they were making sure that the delay is necessary to be able to make the game the best it possibly can, and that they wouldn't want to disappoint the fans..

While we still have no solid price for the title, other confirmations included the existence of a vinyl soundtrack of the game's OST, the teasing of multiple bosses, and pre-order bonuses for digital orders of the game.

Webber also confirmed that if you haven't been able to pick up a collector's edition of Sonic Mania, then you're deep out of luck. As the package will not be receiving another production run past the initial manufacturing

Are you going to be picking up the title, did you manage to grab a collector's edition? Let us know in the comments.

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