While the Zelda series has toyed with mechanical concepts in recent outings, it's fair to say that fans would be somewhat resistive to the franchise moving into a sci-fi future with mobile suits and space ships.

That doesn't stop some of us from dreaming, however - and Khris Ramirez has mashed the series together with one of Japan's most famous anime, manga and toy properties: Mobile Suit Gundam.


Ramirez has skilfully taken a SD Neo Zeong model kit and fused it with a Nendoroid Link figure to create a toy so perfect you'd swear it was based on a new instalment in the Zelda series where Hyrule is populated by massive bipedal robots.

Would you like to see Link piloting a massive robot in a future Zelda game? Let us know with a comment.

[source kotaku.com, via facebook.com]