Following the recent Nintendo Direct it seems interest in Nintendo's upcoming motion-controlled brawler ARMS is at an all-time high. Newly revealed characters such as Twintelle seem to have resonated with lots of people too; you could say she's broken the internet, if that's one of your favoured phrases.

While we all wait for the Testpunch to get our grubby mitts on the game, we thought it would be interesting to settle the score once and for all with a poll. Who's your favourite ARMS fighter out of the 10 revealed thus far? 

Watch the video then take your pick!

Who is your favourite ARMS fighter? (828 votes)

  1. Spring Man4%
  2. Ribbon Girl6%
  3. Ninjara7%
  4. Master Mummy3%
  5. Mechanica5%
  6. Min Min21%
  7. Helix11%
  8. Twintelle29%
  9. Byte & Barq9%
  10. Kid Cobra6%

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