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Ever Oasis, the highly anticipated action-adventure RPG from Japanese developer Grezzo, has started to take shape courtesy of the updated website for the game. The official Nintendo site gives various details surrounding the story, battle mechanics and more. A gallery of new screenshots are also found on the page showing the range of combat, enemies and puzzles. Mini-clips can be watched here too, with the introduction trailer found in the overview. 

The site synopsis for Ever Oasis reads:

Long ago, the world was ensnared in Chaos – a dark force that threatened civilisations across the land. In order to shelter the people from harm, a prosperous oasis was built, but a powerful beast soon appeared in the skies above and rained down destruction, leaving nothing but ruin.

Along with the gameplay footage tips are shared to help players prepare for the adventure ahead. These highlight the main traits of the game as being Explore, Fight and Expand. There are also some interesting notes on the different tribes featured, and how they can each join your cause with each bringing "a specific weapon and unique skillset". 

Ever Oasis is due for release worldwide on 23rd June 2017 for all iterations of the 2DS/3DS. Are you looking forward to it?

[source nintendo.co.uk]