In the latest edition of EDGE magazine details are shared of how players can experience ARMS with a single Joy-Con controller. Nintendo has been encouraging people to play ARMS with two of the controllers and motion controls, however players are not limited to that option. It had previously been announced that a single Joy-Con could be used, but we now have some details on how the actual controls will work. 

The full quote from the magazine reads:

Punches can be thrown using the triggers, or two of the face buttons – jump and dash are mapped on to the other two. You click the left stick to guard. Everything you need is here, and it works – but something’s missing. Since the left stick controls the angle of your punches, you can’t move in one direction and punch in the other. You can’t strike at a different angle with your other hand until the first punch is fully extended, either.

ARMS will be playable with the system's Joy-Con motion controllers, standard button inputs or conventional control methods such as the Pro controller; we suspect the full two Joy-Con setup will be the best way to play. The game is due out on 16th June.

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